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Dear Customer,
The following conditions apply to the warranty on your Hisense product, which replaces any other conditions printed or published elsewhere.

Please read through the conditions carefully and make sure you understand them. If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please make contact with us on 0860 447 3673.

Conditions of your Warranty

  1. From January 2014, Hisense warrants the product against faulty manufacture and / or defective material and the working of your product for 36 months (3 years) from the date of purchase, provided it is used for its intention and for domestic use only.
    A further 12 months warranty can be obtained (4th year warranty) if the consumer has registered their warranty successfully with Hisense within the first 6 months of purchase.
    Bar fridges, mini ovens, free standing stoves and microwaves carry a 2-year warranty.
    Units that are supplied through rental channels e.g. Teljoy carry a 2-year warranty only.
    The warranty does not apply to Hisense air conditioners, please contact our agents / original retailer for warranty conditions for air conditioners.
    Please visit us on hisense.webseodev4.co.za for product registration.
    NOTE: The 4-year warranty does not apply to all dealers, please refer back to the dealer where the unit was purchased from for the correct warranty period.
    The warranty period will never be less than 24 months
  2. Cellular phones and tablets carry a 1-year warranty. Hisense warrants the product against faulty manufacture and / or defective material and the working of your product for 12 months (1 years) from the date of purchase, and for 6 (six) months for accessories provided it is used for its intention and for domestic use only.
  3. Small appliances carry a 1-year warranty. Hisense warrants the product against faulty manufacture and / or defective material and the working of your product for 12 months (1 years) from the date of purchase, and for 6 (six) months for accessories, provided it is used for its intention and for domestic use only. For microwaves, Hisense warrants the product against faulty manufacture and / or defective material and the working of your product for 24 months (2 years).
  4. For product purchased before January 2014, we warrant the working of the unit for a minimum of 12 months (1 year), but may vary from retailer to retailer. Please consult with the original dealer the unit was purchased from to confirm the warranty period or contact us if you unsure regarding your warranty on service@hisense.co.za.
  5. Hisense bar fridges, microwaves and mini-ovens, are not repaired. Kindly return it with the original proof of purchase to the store is was bought from, within the warranty period from date of purchase. It may be required to log a service call for inspection and verification for the reported fault.
  6. Hisense is in support of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, and in the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase, for valid warranty claims, the product will may be repaired or exchanged by the Hisense, or credited by the dealer / store once approved by Hisense. It may be required to log a service call for inspection and verification for the reported fault. For the remainder of the warranty period (after the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase) the product may be repaired or exchanged by Hisense.
  7. The above warranty conditions are only applicable for South Africa. For Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland, a 2-year warranty applies for repair within the 2-year warranty period and exchange or credit can only take place on approval from Hisense. The Customer Protection Act does not apply to these neighbouring countries as mentioned elsewhere is the warranty conditions.
  8. The warranty on the product is supplied on condition that only Hisense authorised service agents are at all times used in connection with the product for any repairs
  9. Any repairs conducted on the Hisense products by Hisense authorised service agents, will carry a 3-month warranty on the labour and parts for the completed repair, from the date the repair was completed and does not extend the warranty nor does it start a new warranty. Parts removed during warranty repairs become the property of Hisense.
  10. The warranty will no longer be valid, and Hisense will not be responsible for damage of any kind resulting from electricity fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, faults in the building wiring, faulty installations, and improper use of controls and or failure to use the product in accordance with the operating instructions and or general misuse and or abuse, or if not used for domestic purposes only, or for damage caused by a superior force (vis maior). Where the product has been infested with insects or pests. The product is physically damaged after it left the store. If water or liquid caused the damage to the product. If the warrantee seal is tampered with. Any repair or tampering by an unauthorised person or attempt to repair or tamper with the equipment, or use of parts not supplied by authorised agents, or alterations or modification to the equipment, shall render the warranty null and void.
  11. After the first 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, this warranty does not apply to light bulbs, loose glass, glass doors and enamelled surfaces, filters, handles, doors, crispers or shelves, TV stands or brackets, 3D glasses, any accessories and other parts subject to wear and tear or discolouring. Damage caused by abrasive and highly concentrated cleaners and/or cleaning materials or cleaners prohibited by the user manual, will void the warranty.
  12. After 6 (six) months from the date of purchase of the product the liability of Hisense under this warranty is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the defective parts within the warranty period and does not extend to the installation or removal of the product.
  13. The warranty shall be available only to the original purchaser of the product from an authorised Hisense Dealer or Distributor and only where the product has been retained for use in the Republic of South Africa.
  14. Important note: In order to make sure you get to use the warranty supplied with your product and for the protection of your product when returning it, please keep the box your product came in as well as the packaging and all accessories and ensure to retain the original proof of purchase.
  15. By contacting our Customer Care Call Centre, the following terms and conditions apply:
    • This service is available nationwide and only applies within South Africa
    • Hisense requires full customer details such as customer address (where unit is to be serviced), telephone contact details, Name and Surname, model number, serial number of unit and actual proof of purchase, before a service repair job card may be booked.
    • After you have booked a service repair job card, for the onsite service, the Hisense Repair Centre or an authorised service agent or the authorised service agent’s technicians will make contact to make arrangements for the call out and repair – normally within 24 hours.
    • Please retain proof of purchase, and especially when in order to claim the basic installation of the Hisense TV.
    • Hisense will do all we reasonably can to assist to meet the date agreed for the authorised service agent to call out for repair, and in circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we may not be able to do so and in such circumstances, we the customer will be contacted to agree on an alternative date. The customer will also do all that they can to enable the repair to take place on the given date.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility, to ensure that prior to the installation work starting, all furniture etc. is removed from the area of repair. Hisense will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to any property, other than the Hisense unit to be repaired.
    • The customer is to ensure that there is an adult present when the Hisense unit is being inspected / repaired.
    • Hisense has a national repair footprint, and make use of outsourced authorised service repair agents.
    • In some areas within South Africa, where Hisense do not have outsourced authorised service agents for repair, Hisense will advise consumer and or dealers and or stores of how the repair is to be affected, and it might be required of the consumer to return the unit to the store, and it might be considered to have an authorised service agent repair the unit at store level, and / or the authorised service agent might collect the unit from the consumer and or dealer for repair at the authorised service agent’s premises within reasonable time.
    • In cases where Hisense do not have outsourced service agents for certain areas within South Africa, Hisense might request to have television and / or cell phone repairs collected from the consumer or dealer / store, via courier to be brought to a Hisense repair centre for repair, and might be delivered back to the consumer, store or dealer once repair, if the repair would have been successful. These conditions apply for in warranty period repairs.
    • For any out of warranty repairs, Hisense also facilitates cod repairs, but certain costs apply which is for the consumer to pay etc. For cod repair / out of warranty repairs, kindly contact our Customer Care call centre to confirm process and charges.
    • The Authorised Service Agents will perform warranty service jobs as requested by HISENSE, providing HISENSE issues an official order number or official job card with its own unique job number to the Authorised Service Agent to authorise the work to be done.
    • The Authorized Service Agent or their representative shall be an independent contractor for all purposes hereunder this agreement, and shall not be considered an employee or representative of HISENSE
    • The Authorized Service Agent or their representative must ensure that all the warranty service job cards are signed and dated by the Consumer once the unit has been repaired and tested.
    • The Authorised Service Agent must at all times keep the Consumer up to date with any changes to the deadlines committed to by the Authorised Service Agent during the process of dealing with the warranty and or cod repairs and service jobs.
    • HISENSE agrees to use all reasonable efforts in assisting to fill the parts orders placed with Hisense with the Authorised Service Agent to allow the completion of the warranty job.
    • HISENSE shall not be held liable for any loss or damage to Authorized Service Agent for delay or failure to fill any part order placed and or delay or failure to complete any repairs within the agreed and or reasonable time.
    • HISENSE shall not be responsible for the collection and delivery of any appliance from and to the Consumer. If the appliance needs to be removed to a workshop and is damaged in any way whatsoever in the process, this will be entirely for the account of the Authorized Service Agent.
    • If there is no signed documentation upon collection of the said appliance, which has been signed by the Consumer indicating present condition of the appliance, and the appliance is damaged, then these damages will be deemed to have been caused by the Authorized Service Agent, and thus this must be rectified to the Consumers satisfaction by the Authorized Service Agent.
    • Hisense reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time by posting information on our Hisense South Africa website on hisense.webseodev4.co.za.