Ultimate Clarity
Experience 4 times the clarity.

Experience television like never before. With 8 million pixels,4k ULED has four times
the number of pixels than normal FHD TVs. Delivering much more detail and
depth in the picture.

Ultimate Contrast
See pure white and pitch black

Get ready to experience extremely rich contrast ratio with crystal clear picture
and video quality that produces clear natural black.

Ultimate Colour
Large colour palette offers richer images,
more vivid and true to life colours

Feast your eyes on a redefined view of vivid colour that brings every picture
to life and captures the imagination through colour restoration.

Ultimate Motion
Ultra Smooth Motion Rate

Make motion blur a thing of the past with the SMR and MEMC that
ensures crystal view images even in fast paced and action scenes.

Ultimate Brightness
Illuminate the detail in dark scenes.

The next era of viewing is here. Dark scenes have never been brighter.
The HDR Plus displays a wider and richer range of colours with
even brighter whiteness giving the picture an even crisper
and more dynamic look.

Hisense ULED Range TV’s

55″ Curved ULED Smart – K760 | 55K760UW
55″ Flat ULED Smart – M7000 | 55M7000UWG
55″ ULED Curved – T910 | 55T910UWD
65″ Flat ULED Smart – M7000 | 65M7000UWG
70″ Flat ULED Smart – M7000 | 70M7000UWG